Hi there!

Today I want to share with you guys the new things I bought and with which I am incredibly happy. Ok, I have to admit I’ve always been a bit skeptical with some shops and Primark is definitely one of them, but this time I really understood that I have been a bit stupid because I found three lovely pieces there. However there is a change I want to do in the soft pink one, that is to change the waistband for a black one.

1 – H&M burgundy velvet pants

2 – Primark knitted sweater

3 – Mango knit cardigan

4 – Primark soft pink skirt

5 – Primark black skirt

6 – Zara red leather jacket (looove it!!)

7 – H&M gold nail polish

8 – The most beautiful red lipstick, the Guerlain Insolence de Rouge