As an antiques fan, specially an antique books one, I got crazy when I discovered this amazing store when you can find the most spectacular books, drawings and maps. Donald Heald Rare Books, Prints & Maps offers eighteenth and nineteenth century books and prints in the areas of Botany, Ornithology, Natural History, Native Americans, Voyages, Maps and Atlases.
They were originally founded in England in 1972, but the gallery is now in New York.
You can see and order they magnificient collection here.

MIGER, Simon Charles (1736-1820) after Léon DE WAILLY (1801-1824). Paris: circa 1800-1.

NORTHCOTE, After James, R.A. (1746-1831)

WATERHOUSE HAWKINS, Benjamin. London: circa 1850.

DE SÈVE, After Jacques (active 1742-1788). Paris: 1749-1783.

DE SÈVE, After Jacques (active 1742-1788). Paris: 1749-1783.

MIGER, Simon Charles (1736-1820) after Nicolas MARÉCHAL (1753-1803). Paris: circa 1800-1.

WATERHOUSE HAWKINS, Benjamin (1807-1894). London:  circa 1850.

WOLF, Joseph (1820-1899). London: circa 1878-1883.

DE SÈVE, After Jacques (active 1742-1788). Paris: 1749-1783.