Easter holidays… finally! Today was my last day of school and I think I never been so tired in my entire life, really exausted!
I’m doing a master’s degree in theology and it’s so hard that sometimes I think my head will explode, ’cause we have to read an average of five books per week and most of them aren’t in portuguese, but in italian, french, spanish and english (these two are ok), latim, ancient greek and so on…
So, now you know why I’m such a bad blogger! ahah
But now I have two weeks to put my dissertation in order and maybe I can come here and post a little more.
Today I want to show you some random pics that show a little of my world.
Have a nice friday 🙂


(Detail of my bed in my parents house)


(My room in my parents house… yes I’ve got a disease: I’m vintage decoration addicted)



room shelf1 aletheialight.wordpress


antique photos

(Photos in my wall room of my grandmother when she was a beautiful young lady and my german shepherd who already passed away)

room shelf aletheialight.wordpress

( Shelf – piece of wood picked up on the beach years and years and years ago)

house garden aletheialight.wordpress

(Backyard of my parents house)

house garden aletheialight.wordpress


Brother's hand aletheialight.wordpress

(My brother’s hand at his awesome 240d mercedes that I have to show you on a post one day. This pic was taken at an amazing cliff, while we was in one of our great talks, listening the sea and peal jam ahah)

Salazar aletheialight.wordpress

(My lovely dog Salazar)

Ginja aletheialight.wordpress

(My adorable princess: Ginja :D)