The conscience of self-wisdom, it usually means short horizons. Socrates of Athens said that in the corollary «I know that I know nothing».

I think the point of human evolution is take one step forward that the person before me, not annihilate that person… or all the human kind, besides me.

I’m not the world’s center, so can’t use people when I need and, then, annihilate them… that’s not wisdom, that’s stupidity. And stupidity is equivalent to human nothing.

If you want to be a wise human being, learn the meaning of person, of friendship, and don’t use the most important thing in the world for your own needs: people.

It’s easy to seem a wise man to the masses, try to show your knowledge to a philosopher… he’s gonna tell you that knowledge shows itself in acts.

The finite conscience needs always a previous conscience: there’s a conscience in each act that supports all that exists. Not even the prisoners of Plato’s cavern were immersed in the complete darkness.

And Leibniz monads are nothing more that intelligence in act… intelligence in act.

image source: tumblr