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Hi to you all!
Well, I know this has been a long absence, but I’ve been quite emotionally disturbed with something that occurred me last week and I’ve been too sad to blogging. The reason is that, in one of my drives from my parents house to Lisbon, I found a dog in the roadway. She almost got hit by a truck in front of my eyes and, of course, I stopped in the middle of the roadway and brought her to my home. She was so scared and sad that broke my heart. I took care of her and tried give her all the love that I could, but she was still in shock.
So, I took her to the vet to see if she had identity chip… Luckly she had. That beautiful and sweet dog had been stolen from her home last February. I immediately called to the owner and he could not believe! So, I drove to another city and I took her back to her owner. Her name is Nina and it’s incredible how far she was from home…

Despite I have done the right thing, this has been quite hard… I felt strongly connected to this dog because of her fragility and I’ve been too worried if she will be ok, happy and healthy at home again…

This story had an happy end, but it was one in a million and I have to say this to the dogs owners: Take care of your animals, protect them from strangers and don’t leave them alone.
And to the dog robbers: Dogs are God’s creatures, are the most amazing and sensitive friends we can have, don’t treat them like merchandise or objects, they can feel too.


I’ll always remember you, sweet Nina.