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As I told you on this post, this year I started to build a list of all the books that I read just for pleasure, without think in my dissertation or classes or work… And I’m pretty happy with my choice of sitting more time with books than in facebook or in front of the tv and find that I read in three months almost the same that I read in one semester, last year.

It’s funny ’cause when I picked all this books from the shelves to take this picture, I realize that I’m really a weird person ’cause this is such a strange mix haha But I kind of like to read different things once I already have two permanent mandatory themes in my work life.

I’ve to say that, despite I always like every book I read, there are in this list one that I consider my favorite: Kafka on the Shore from Haruki Murakami. It’s such a strange and hypnotic story that I read it in two days… I just couldn’t stop.


Cousin Bazilio Eça de Queirós
Nightfall Isaac Asimov
Daisy Miller – Henry James
The devil: reality or mith? – José António Sayés
Ghosts of the Air: True Stories of Aerial Hautings Martin Caidin
The fall – Albert Camus
Perry Mason: The Case of the Sulky Girl – Erle Stanley Gardner
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer – Patrick Süskind
Three One-act Plays: Riverside Drive/Old Saybrook/Central Park West (the portuguese title is Infidelidades) – Woody Allen
Kafka on the Shore – Haruki Murakami
Brisingr – Christopher Paolini
Eldest – Christopher Paolini

Well, if any of you, my dear readers, had read anyone of this I would love to know your thoughts.