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Has been a long pause… I’ve been trying to find some motivation and inspiration and the thuth is that I was not happy with the way my blog was taking. Each of the previous posts left me an huge impression of emptiness, and that’s a wrong feeling to live with, at any circumstance. Maybe my mind was to distracted, and I started to absorb too many immediate inspirations, instead looking for inspirations who speak directely to my soul.

So… I was really sad… thinking that is not the way. I really enjoy clothes, but they don’t define me as a person and the last thing I want is dump a lot of outfit posts here. Mea culpa, it’s a fact, but I think life is really like this: we got lost, sometimes, in a middle of a way, and we’ve to go back and find the right track again.

I thought about giving up the blog. And this idea was in my head until yesterday. But sometimes we can find really good advices from the dark skies, if we just sit and look up to the stars for hours with our mind open… just sitting alone, watch the cosmos magnificence, smoke half pack of cigarrets and listen here inside. And what I had listen was that I don’t have to erase my unhappy choices… I just have to rise up and have the courage of admit that I was not being true to myself. Errare humanum est. And I’ll never be perfect.

Surprisingly, this thought cleared my mind enough to find some ideas and start feeling better with myself. I’ll continue posting my photos, of course, but I’ll never do an (uninspired) outfit post again. That is just not me.

When I started my blog, my posts arose from some source of inspiration, like a music, a poem, a book, a film, an era, a character, etc., and I really want to keep it that way. And I feel like I have to apologize myself to you for having lost the way.

Thank you for all your support.