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Hi my dear readers ^_^

I’ve been trying to make this post from a while ago, but It has been quite hard to me, once I had to finish my dissertation. And I finished. And it was quite hard. But , hey, that’s the way it is.
So, despite everyone around me already know this, I couldn’t pass without post this on my blog: I TAKE MY BRACES OFF, LOVELY PEOPLE!!! ^_^

No need to say that after two and an half years it was an huge relief… And I’m pretty happy with the result, though the treatment isn’t complete yet and I’ve to use removable braces to sleep.
I know I never avoided smiling because of the braces, I’m truly an easy smile person, but now I feel a bit more confident and I feel my smile prettier… at least I’m not a mouth full of metal anymore ^_^



(sweater and headband: stradivarius)